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How has the professional organizing industry come about?
        In recent years people have been searching for ways to regain more control over their busy lives.  There are several reasons for this.  Firstly, with more and more families going from a one income family to two, people have less and less time to spend maintaining their homes.  Secondly, with the advent of all the new technology,   the demands  on people's time has increased and  they find themselves with almost no spare time at all.  As a result people in general and families as a whole are experiencing difficulties in the area of cutting back on their clutter and the general chaos in their lives.  Therefore, as time goes on many people are understanding the incredible value in  hiring a professional organizer. Although the professional organizing industry has existed for over two decades, it is only in recent years that it has begun to grow by leaps and bounds.  This is especially evident when looking at magazine  covers and  articles which are all about decluttering and getting organized.  In addition, when browsing through stores  one can't help but notice the incredible increase in products to help people get organized.  This  is surely  a sign that this is on people's minds more than ever.

What does a professional organizer do?
        A professional organizer can offer various services. Some of these include hands on organizing, whereby the organizer literally sits with the client and helps them sort their belongings and purge unnecessary items, secondly they may offer consulting services in a variety of areas  including organizing or time management.  Some may specialize in residential organizing and others may work only in business settings.  However,  whatever the specialty of the organizer there are some basic goals 
that any professional organizer has.   The first is  to     assess the area or areas of concern to the client, secondly by using different organizational methods they help to create a custom solution for the client's specific needs.  Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, throughout the process they need to teach their client tools and some organizing principles in order for them to maintain the newly organized area to the best of their ability. If they are doing only consulting they will spend the time  discussing an array of potential topics and help guide the client  so they can either proceed with the organizing on their own or perhaps after the session/sessions the client will have gained enough knowledge in time management , or on an array of topics to help  them in the future.

What are the potential benefits of hiring a professional organizer?    

         a) Being more organized with  less clutter on floors and surfaces creates a home that is safer and cleaner

    b) By having things organized in a way that they can easily be  located   you spend less  time looking     for items and in return you create more time for your family, work and the things you love to do

           c) Although hiring a professional organizer is an  investment there is in the long run alot of money that can potentially be saved. For example when people cannot find items either in their refrigerator, cabinet, closets or any area of their home  they go out and purchase another. Although one item purchased as a duplicate may not be a great sum of money, consistently needing to purchase duplicates adds up exponentially over time. 

         d)    Being organized helps to create a home that you and your family can enjoy and you become more easily equipped to have guests with little or no notice without any worries.

  71 percent of those surveyed said their quality of life would improve if they were better organized. (napo, napo. 2009 GET ORGANIZED MONTH SURVEY of 400 consumers nationwide. )unknown 11/01/2009

          e)   Reduction in stress , anxiety and overall frustration for you and your household members.

What are the top reasons professional organizers are hired?
        According to Napo-The National Association of Professional Organizers, the top five reasons are:

        a)    Too much clutter
        b)    General disorganization
        c)    Difficulty determining what to keep and or discard
        d)    Difficulty finding things
        e)    Selling a home or moving

 5)    I feel I would benefit by hiring an organizer but I am a little uneasy about allowing  someone into my personal space and how do I know they won't discuss what they see? 

    Let me put your mind at ease. You are not the only one that feels this way and there couldn't be anything more normal. Firstly, needing help in this area is not a shortcoming on your part nor your family's. People hire physical trainers to help them exercise,  decorators to help them decorate etc. Technically,  in all these areas one can attempt them on their own however when someone is brought in  it makes the process much easier and more efficient. Secondly, everything that occurs in our sessions is strictly confidential. NAPO members are held to a code of ethics and strict confidentiality rules. Although we appreciate word of mouth referrals, we will never give your name out  without permission or discuss your home with anyone.

 I am not an organized person and I never will be so what is the point of hiring someone as soon as they leave it will all have been for nothing?

    One common misconception is that you are either organized by nature or not. The fact is that almost anyone is capable of learning the skills required to be organized even if they are not naturally organized.
By hiring an organizer and working with them side by side , not only will you transform any area you choose but during the process you will be taught the principles and skills  required to get and hopefully stay organized. Of course, after that,  the rest depends on you and your family's maintenance of the area. You will however, at the end of the job be left with maintenance tips so the process is made a little simpler for you.

7)    What is a free phone consultation?  What is discussed when I call you?

  When you call me for the very first time as a potential client this is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a little bit.  We will discuss the areas that are of concern to you and which of my services would be the most valuable.  I will ask you the kinds of questions that can help me evaluate your unique situation.  This will insure  that whatever  the project it can begin with only minimal discussion when I arrive in your home.  This will maximize the productivity of the session thereby giving you the most value for your money.



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