"The key to serenity and order in your life"


1)    Hands on organizing:
         In general this is a three step process. Firstly, we assess the area of concern, secondly we help you to make those sometimes difficult decisions of what to purge  followed by sorting the items that will remain.    The third step is to create a customized system that is functional and organized and more easily maintained.  There is another option with hands on organizing whereby we do hands on organizing and leave you with "homework"followed by more sessions of organizing.  This can be especially useful for clients with much larger jobs  since this in betweeen option can greatly reduce the price of the project .

2)    Consulting:

           We can offer consulting on various topics:

              a)  For those clients that feel confident to tackle an organizing project on their own but just need a plan of action, we offer a consulting service whereby we assess your area of concern and create a specific plan of action that you can then complete on your own. 
             b)  Time management consulting on various topics such as; the use of planners and lists to help  keep your day scheduled in the most  efficient manner, meal planning and grocery shopping, holiday preparations
            c)  Helping you organize various aspects of your kids lives such as preparation for summer camp, school etc.    

            d)  Consulting on how to train and prepare your home for household help. This may include some hands on organizing of areas such as your cleaning supplies, broom closet etc. 

3)       Moving:

           According  to the list of life's biggest stressors moving is third to only death and divorce.  Therefore this can be a time of fever pitched emotions.  We can step in and help in a variety of ways. 
            a)  We can do hands on organizing in the sense that we help you make crucial decisions of what to take and what to purge so you don't pack unwanted or unnecessary items which in turn helps you by saving time and money during your move.
            b)  On the other end of the move , when you arrive in your new home we can help you organize your new home so your things are put away in the most efficient way.  One target population that this  can be very helpful to are engaged or newly married couples setting up a home for the first time.    We can help teach them organizational techniques while setting up their home.  These skills will prove to be very beneficial for the future.
            c)  For various reasons, one being these tough economic times we are seeing a trend of both parents moving in with children and visa versa.  This can pose a real organizational challenge in the home especially when renovations are not being done to help accomodate the extra people. We can step in and help you purge some items thereby making space for incoming ones and generally reorganize so everyone is a little more comfortable.


             For your added convenience we can shop for all the organizational supplies such as containers, baskets etc. that may be needed for your organizing project.  These items may be needed either before , during or after the project is complete.  As a professional organizer associated with NAPO I receive discounts in certain stores. If I do the shopping I pass these discounts on to my clients.  If you choose to do this on your own I will guide you as best as I can to  help you do the purchases on your own.

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